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We offer great discounts for large quantities.

20 sheets - £3.39 per sheet or £67.80
50 sheets - £2.90 per sheet or £145
The above prices are inclusive of delivery.

We are using best quality icing paper, not cheap rice paper.
For larger orders please contact us via email or phone.

Edible pictures and images for cakes, muffins and pastries.

What you see on the screen – exactly the same you will see on your cake!

If you want to make your own cake or you intend to buy an ordinary convenience cake from the supermarket, you can make it unique with beautiful decorations with our help.

Customize your own cake with your own image. This can be so easy and beautiful that you will hardly believe it.

Edible picture is fine and you can print any photo from your computer or the Internet on it.What you see on your screen will be visible on your cake. Even if you do not have a ready picture at hand, as a computer file, you can select a picture from our catalogue. Edible picture is also very suitable for printing company logos, for promotions or events.

Send us your photo, image file or select an image from our catalogue and we will print it on safe and edible paper with edible inks. They are almost odorless and tasteless and easily applied to any cake.

If you want to add some specific elements, combine photos, add text, add a frame or any other effect, do not hesitate to contact us and we will do it for you for free. Our goal is for you to be satisfied with the consequent result.

So why not decorate your cake in a unique way with edible images at the lowest price and make your celebration unforgettable.

Unique cakes for all occasions. Cakes London - www.merysony.co.uk

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Edible prints on 7 different type/sizes


Extra large rectangle.
Sizes in inches (10 x 16).
Sizes in mm (254mm x 406mm).
Additional Copies
only £5.50

Large rectangle.
Sizes in inches (7.5 x 10).
Sizes in mm (190mm x 254mm).
Additional Copies
only £3.00

Small rectangle.
Sizes in inches (4.5 x 7.5).
Sizes in mm (114mm x 190mm).
Additional Copies
only £2.00
Extra large circle.

Extra large circle.
Sizes in inches (7.5).
Additional Copies
only £3.00
6 small circles

Small circles (sheet of 6).
Sizes in inches (3.25).
Additional Copies
only £3.00
12 small circles

Small circles (sheet of 12).
Sizes in inches (2.13).
Additional Copies
only £3.00
30 small circles

Small circles (sheet of 30).
Sizes in inches (1.5).
Additional Copies
only £3.00

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